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Palm Reading – we carry our lives written on our bodies, and especially our hands. Also known as palmistry or chiromancy, palm reading allows me to learn about your life through the focused study of the lines and shapes in your palm.

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ESP Psychic Reading

– ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception, also referred to as second sight or a “sixth sense.” In this reading I use my gift of ESP, including clairvoyance and telepathy, to lead you to a deeper understanding of your question and its outcomes.

Tarot Card Reading

– the tarot deck dates back to the 15th century, and has been developed by visionaries into a remarkable tool for understanding spiritual influences. Through the medium of the cards we can achieve clarity about your question, its context, and what obstacles you face for a positive resolution.

Handwriting Analysis

– also known as graphology, the analysis of handwriting has been used by secular investigators to understand an individual’s psychology. For psychic visionaries, the study can yield far more fruitful information: recognition of your true nature, the first step in becoming that best self we all want to be.

Past Life Regression

– our past lives can continue to have repercussions on our current life, though the memories are deeply buried. I can use my gifts and years of practice to gently guide you into remembering that past self – and let go of any negative influences that are holding you back.

Chakra Alignment

– the chakras represent loci of energy throughout your body, and their functioning influences both physical and mental health. Through proper alignment we can restore the flow of spiritual and creative energy that lets you achieve your best self.

Astrology Charts

 – our lives are shaped and influenced by the position of the planets. Through mapping the position of the planets at your birth, I can help you understand how their influence has shaped you thus far – and what influences are coming in your future.

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