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I received my spiritual

I received my spiritual gifts as a child, and as early as 15 began using them to help others. For more than thirty years I have been blessed to help adults and children around the world achieve emotional healing, spiritual advancement, and the self-awareness needed to pursue successful, happy lives. I would love to do the same for you!

Over the years I have adapted my psychic gifts to the techniques best able to help you: psychic, palm, and tarot card readings, astrological charts, past life regression, and handwriting analysis. These tools and techniques provide a shared framework through which I can best guide you to a deeper understanding of your questions and the emotional and spiritual obstacles preventing you from achieving a positive outcome.

My clients have included poor and wealthy individuals alike from around the world, of all ages, with questions that we all share about relationships, careers, health, purpose, and more. More recently, I have come to understand that my mission in this life includes greater spiritual education and research, especially for children. I am now realizing my vision for a research center to develop new ways of healing emotional and mental issues in children. I welcome all to join me in this mission, and share in the benefits of advancing our spiritual understanding.

If you are troubled by questions, feeling a sense of weight or emotional burden, or seek to understand your purpose in life, I can help you. Why not call me today? Together we can begin our journey towards helping you become your best self, and achieving the happiness and success you seek.